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Which Factors are Important in Your Home Search?

With so many options available on the market, searching for Weehawken homes for sale can feel overwhelming. From the square footage of the space to the aesthetic it provides, there are so many different aspects that buyers need to evaluate before making a final decision. Along with these physical elements of the property, they also need to ensure the home will be good for them emotionally by learning about its outer surroundings and the quality of life it will provide. Diving into the process without any preparation can cause a lot of stress due to the sheer overload of home varieties being presented. However, knowing what factors to look for during the search can help buyers narrow down their choices and make the whole process smoother.

As you gear up for your home search, keep these five important factors in mind to find a property that’s perfect for you.

The location 

When preparing to search for a new home, one of the first factors to consider is the location. Think about which destinations you frequent on a day-to-day basis and determine how close you’ll need to be to them without disrupting your lifestyle. Your commute to work, proximity to loved ones, and distance from doctors are all areas to think about. If you rely on public transportation, you’ll also have to ensure the region has a good train and bus system with connections to the cities you’ll be attending.

In addition to the physical location, you’ll also want to check out the community in the surrounding neighborhood and see if it’s a good match for you. Seeing what entertainment options are available, the ratings of the local school system, and which restaurants are nearby can all impact your experience living in the home. You may also want to explore the nearby parks and walking trails. Use this information to guide yourself toward only looking in the right neighborhoods.

The size

You’ll need enough room to accommodate your household and comfortably fit your belongings, so think about how large of a size you’ll need in a home for it to be a good match. Figure out how many bedrooms and bathrooms it will need to have, as well as any additional areas you’ll require, such as a gathering space for holidays or playrooms for children. The amount of time spent inside the home is higher than almost anywhere else, so the last thing you want is to feel too cramped up.

The functionality

A home needs to be a practical fit for your day-to-day life, making the functionality of the space a crucial factor during the home search. One major area to keep in mind when thinking about functionality is the amount of storage space inside the property. It’s easy to underestimate just how many possessions you own. Selecting a home without enough room to keep them all tucked away can make your home appear cluttered and create a more chaotic living environment. Rather than getting carried away with appearances alone, try to imagine what it would be like to live inside each property you view.

The cost

Purchasing a home is a large upfront expense, but the financial responsibilities of a homeowner don’t end once the deal is finalized. Financial requirements, including initial expenses and ongoing bills, are crucial factors to consider when searching for a home. The costs of owning a home are quite substantial, so know what to expect as the owner of the property. After paying a down payment, which typically amounts to 20 percent of the property’s total value, you’ll need to have enough money to cover mortgage payments, homeowners insurance, utility bills, property taxes, maintenance, and repairs. Create a budget for how much you can spend on a monthly basis and look at properties in that price range. You’ll also want to obtain a mortgage pre-approval to have a clearer picture of what you can afford.

The features

Some of life’s most cherished moments are created at home, so the features you’re seeking are a big factor that will come into play as you look at properties. If you spend tons of time outdoors and enjoy nothing more than a summer barbecue with family and friends on a summer day, having a backyard space to gather in may be extremely important to you. Other parts of your lifestyle also come into play when figuring out what you need in a home, such as a well-designed kitchen for those who love to cook or ample garage space to keep cars or store tools inside. While many home features are often considered the icing on the cake, they’re important to think about so you can make sure you purchase a home that is both enjoyable and accommodating for your household.

Searching for a new home can feel stressful if you’re intimidated by the number of options in the market and aren’t sure where to begin, but knowing which factors to look for can make the process flow seamlessly and lead you toward finalizing a deal on a property you adore. Keep the location, size, functionality, cost, and features at the forefront of your mind as you view properties and prepare for a purchase. With these aspects guiding the way throughout your home search, you’ll be on the right track to purchasing a place you’ll love living in for years to come.

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If you’re searching for a home in the Weehawken real estate market and would like professional guidance from an expert in the region, Andrew Botticelli and his team can happily assist you. With years of experience matching buyers with properties that possess all the qualities they seek and a long history of successfully closing transactions in Weehawken and surrounding neighborhoods, their skilled agents can help you determine your must-haves and find the home of your dreams.

Andrew Botticelli

Andrew Botticelli

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

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Andrew Botticelli is truly dedicated to providing exceptional, professional, and comprehensive real estate services to his valued clients. Highly skilled in the Acquisition, Marketing and Leasing of Residential, Luxury, Condominium, Multi-Family Residential and Commercial Properties together with Developer Services; he is intimately connected, knows the trends, and truly enjoys sharing his insights into the distinctive communities within the Hoboken, Hoboken County and NYC Metro real estate market. As principal of The Andrew Botticelli Team at Compass; Andrew indulges his clients with impeccable, first-class service, genuine care, dedication, and true advocacy, and excels at creating an exceptional real estate experience.
Andrew elevates the real estate experience by offering his clients a smart, solution-oriented, consultative approach. In personally working with each client and upon understanding their specific priorities, he diligently aligns and applies himself in order to accomplish their real estate goals. When working with sellers, he executes on a dynamic marketing plan that effectively presents their property to the marketplace. Utilizing professionally produced photography imagery together with refined staging services and a presentation in print and on numerous websites; he designs an impactful presentation that skillfully heightens each listing’s visibility.
When working with buyers, he carefully takes the time and attention to evaluate and prioritize his client’s goals so that he may skillfully find a residence and distinguished setting that they will truly love. Through his representation of numerous landlords and residential buildings and opportunities available in the city, he offers a commanding perspective and unparallel insights about building amenities, floor layouts and services provided, together with the latest info into the surrounding neighborhood’s exciting features. 
For Andrew it is an honor that his client’s value and trust in his expertise and professionalism to represent them. His trusted counsel, accurate assessment and meticulous approach extends to every aspect of his service throughout the transaction. He is very thorough in providing constant communication and is always extremely attentive, accessible and responds promptly to his clients. When met with a tough challenge, he is highly skilled in negotiating the critical, contractual components of the transaction and is masterful at finding creative and equitable solutions. Delivering responsive, confident results with a strategic, impactful approach are all part Andrew’s distinguished style in always accomplishing truly elevated achievements for his clients.

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